Lane County Real Estate Market Data (Week of September 11)

    Stay up-to-date on Lane County’s Real Estate market, with data on pricing, inventory, and more for Eugene, Springfield, and Cottage Grove:

    Eugene Market Data:

    • Price: The market has been cooling over time and as a result, prices seem to have paused around this plateau.
    • Inventory: Inventory is climbing, particularly in the fourth quartile with more new homes in relation to those that are pending (“absorbed”).
    • Supply and Demand: It remains a seller’s market, where significant demand leaves little inventory available.


    Springfield Market Data:

    • Price: Pricing is essentially flat this week, and has been on a downward trend over the last few weeks.
    • Inventory: Inventory is climbing, with more homes being listed compared to the number of those that are pending (“absorbed”).
    • Supply and Demand: More homes have become available with lesser demand, allowing the market to cool off consistently for several weeks, resulting in lower pricing.


    Cottage Grove Market Data:

    • Price: Prices have been fairly stable over the last few weeks and seem to have paused around this plateau, but could resume an upward climb if the market heats up.
    • Inventory: Inventory has been lightening lately. For the most part it is sufficiently low, with the number of newly listed homes less than or equal to the number of those pending (“absorbed”) in most quartiles.
    • Supply and Demand: With prices relatively stable and the market fairly stasis in terms of sales to inventory, it remains a seller’s market.


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