Why Hire a Real Estate Agent?

    Sold photo website slideshowFor most people the purchase or sale of real estate will be their biggest financial obligation throughout their lifetime. You would not undergo surgery without having a licensed surgeon perform the operation, so why would you buy or sell a home without having a licensed Real Estate Agent help you through the process? Here are a handful of reasons how we can help you with the process:

    1. Education and Experience
    There is a reason a professional Real Estate Agent is required to obtain a license and complete continuing education courses. As with all aspects of business, real estate law changes often and as a licensed professional an Agent is required to maintain knowledge of such law changes. Do you feel confident to say you know everything about buying and selling a home? Most Real Estate Agents charge the same, so why not go with an Agent you feel most confident in and comfortable with? Don’t ever be afraid to ask for credentials! Henry Ford once said, “When you hire people who are smarter than you are, it proves you are smarter than they are.”

    2. Agents are Representatives
    As a seller, do you have the time to take calls daily, show your property at the drop of the hat, or hold open houses? How about your marketing skills – do you own a website designated just for selling your home? These are aspects that take years to perfect. Your Agent will also ward off lookie-loos and try to bring serious buyers to the table. As a buyer, your Agent will help you search for your home and keep other aggressive Agents and builders at bay, allowing you the time to focus on the task at hand. It does not cost you anything, so why not work with a buyer’s Agent?

    3. Community and Neighborhood Knowledge
    An experienced Agent has intimate knowledge of the community and neighborhoods in their area of expertise. Your Agent will be able to point you in the right direction pertaining to community activities, school districts, and demographics. As a Real Estate Agent, he or she will also be able to find information on homes in your neighborhood for sale, along with sold and pending homes, including their updates, terms of the sale, days on the market, and prices the homes sold for.

    4. Price Navigation
    As a seller, your hope is to get the highest price you can for your property. As a buyer, again you are highly motivated by the price of homes as well as the negotiating power that you bring to the table. An Agent will help you in the negotiation of price whether you are selling or purchasing.

    5. Market Conditions
    Real Estate Agents are your best allies when it comes to obtaining information about the current market conditions. The market will largely determine pricing on your home, taking into account the location, amenities offered, type of property, average per square foot cost, average sales price in your area, and more. This collection of data is called a Comparative Market Analysis (CMA) and will largely determine price. As a buyer, your Agent is a strong representative when negotiating the terms of the contract, pointing out the strong points of the offer.

    6. Professional Networking
    Real Estate Agents network with other professionals, many of whom provide services that you will need to buy or sell. When marketing your property it is not just placed on a website and a sign in the yard. Your Agent will be marketing your home to other Real Estate Agents, buyers, and many other professional individuals. This way of marketing is beneficial for both the buyer and seller. Imagine getting the first opportunity to look at a home or be the first to know about your competition. Real Estate Agents have a whole network of professionals that will help you before, during, and after the home buying process. Talk to your Realtor today.

    7. Negotiation Skills 
    A Real Estate Agent’s top priority is to do what is best for their client at all times. Negotiation comes largely into play when either getting the best deal or the highest value for the home. Top producing Agents negotiate well because, unlike most buyers and sellers, they are experienced in the field and can remove themselves from the emotional aspects of the transaction.

    8. Knowledge of Contracts
    The Oregon Residential Real Estate Contract is close to ten pages of legal terms. This does not include any addendums or disclosures to the contract. Do you feel confident you would have full understanding of what you are offering, accepting, countering, rejecting, satisfying a contingency, or bringing the offer to close? A large majority of all contracts between homeowners and buyers without representation do not close at escrow. The legal ramifications of buying/selling of real estate are very real with serious consequences.

    Need more reasons? Give us a call today at (541) 505-9907!

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