Elmira Real Estate

    North of Veneta is the unincorporated community of Elmira, with about 2,500 residents in the area. It sits just west of Fern Ridge Lake, the southern Willamette Valley’s largest reservoir. Fern Ridge is a popular destination for water sports, along with fishing, wildlife viewing in the wetlands (more than 250 birds have been identified in the area), camping, and picnicking. The southeast shore of the reservoir has been declared a wildlife refuge, and every winter the reservoir is drained, creating seasonal mud flats and marshes for an array of wildlife.

    Elmira is a particularly scenic area with many beautiful wineries nearby. Wine lovers will not want to miss LaVelle Vineyards, the oldest bonded winery in the Southern Willamette Valley. LaVelle hosts events including live music, dinners, and trivia, and features an on-site labyrinth constructed by a well-known labyrinth scholar along with wine club members that the public can visit.


    Tyler, please know that your handling of this sale has exceeded even my fairly high expectations. From the first meeting, through the lending process, and then to closing, you have kept me directed and to task on all that needed to be done to complete the deal. Your professionalism has been outstanding as has your commitment and patience. Thank you again so very much. If I have the opportunity to recommend a realtor to friends and clients you will top the list.
    Robb M.