Veneta Real Estate

    As you head west out of Eugene on Highway 126 you will find yourself in Veneta, home to about 4,500 people and a charming pit stop on your way to the Oregon Coast.

    Outdoor enthusiasts will want to explore the southern Willamette Valley’s largest reservoir, Fern Ridge, located just east of Veneta. It’s a popular destination for water sports, along with fishing, wildlife viewing in the wetlands (more than 250 birds have been identified in the area), camping, and picnicking.

    Wine lovers will want to travel Territorial Highway by car or bike. This picturesque highway runs north to south through Veneta, and is home to more than ten wineries over its 70 mile span.

    Since 1970, Veneta has hosted the Oregon Country Fair (originally called the Renaissance Faire), an annual three-day counterculture festival held each July. More than 45,000 people attend the Country Fair, which features hundreds of vendors, food booths, musicians, performers, art exhibits, and workshops.


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