Summertime, and the livin’ is easy! But don't let the days just drift by. Now that the sun is shining, home improvement projects beckon. How many of these tasks and upgrades will you check off your list this summer?


Cleaning the Grill

The grill gets a real workout in the warmer months, with quick weekday meals, holiday cookouts, and all the outdoor entertaining that summertime brings. Take the opportunity to thoroughly clean the grill from top to bottom at the beginning of the season, and be vigilant about burning off old grease and removing food residue.


Sealing the Driveway and Deck

Constant exposure to sun and rain takes a toll on your deck’s and driveways appearance and life. By making any necessary repairs, giving it a good cleaning, and sealing it, your deck and driveway will not only look new but also last longer.

When you factor in curing time, this project takes three to four days, so check the forecast before you begin to make sure you'll have a few consecutive days of good weather.


Greasing the Garage Door & Hinges

 You may not give much thought to your automatic garage door—until it stops working, that is. To keep it running properly, make sure everything is tight and lubricate the hinges, rollers, and other moving parts at least once a year.


Check the Chimney

Regular chimney inspections and cleanings help prevent fires and keep your home safe. Schedule some time each summer to have your chimney inspected so you can complete any required repairs before cool weather arrives in the fall.


Block Air Leaks

Cooled air just as easily escapes through air leaks found around windows and doors as warm air. One way to slow down these drafts as well as save energy is to install or replace weatherstripping. It’s a good idea to inspect the caulk around the outdoor trim of your house every year and do repairs as needed.