Oregon Prediction for the 2020 Real Estate Year
Inventory will also remain lower than historical averages with the lack of available land for new construction (Inventory is currently and has been around 2 months and a “stable” market is typically 5 months). 2020 will continue to remain a seller’s market with the limited number of options for buyers to purchase compared the number of buyers wanting to purchase because of the low interest rates.  
The higher end market ($600,00 and above) has cooled slightly, but those looking to purchase or sell average priced homes (around $300,000) should expect much of the same we have seen in Lane County over the last few years.
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It looks as though 2020, will be an interesting year in the residential real estate market in Lane County. With it being an election year interest rates should remain relatively stable, which will be advantageous for buyers. Prices should continue to appreciate, albeit at a lower rate than previous years 5-7% annual gains. The appreciation will continue to put a strain on many first-time home buyers as they are often competing with investors, or those downsizing.
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Arizona Prediction for the 2020 Real Estate Year
There are many people speculating on the housing market and when the next recession will hit. Although nobody can predict the future here is what I do know. The market in Arizona is still strong. We have over 200 people moving here daily and we have seen a steady increase in new jobs. What does this mean to you? Although the housing market may slow down and turn into a more evenly balanced market , I do not see the crash that we experienced in 2008. We do not have the adjustable interest rate loans coming due nor have we seen buyers being qualified with bad to no credit. We may see a small dip in prices but I believe we will continue to have a strong housing market for the foreseeable future. Arizona is a great place to invest in Real Estate for rentals, second homes or your primary resident. Call me for your Real estate needs.
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Information taken from Home Buying Institute
National prediction for the 2020 Real Estate year shows signs that the housing market will not slow.  According to Freddie Mac we can expect continued appreciation in the housing market for 2020 of about 3% on average. Interest rates are not expected to rise much with just a slight uptick according to the Freddie Mac. 2020 is expected to look a lot like 2019 with short supply and increased demand especially in the lower price point. Buyers seeking an entry level starter home may be in for a long wait which is why choosing the right Real Estate agent who knows how to negotiate is so critical.