Maintaining the house does not have to be expensive or require the presence of a plumber or handyman, there are many small things we can actually do ourselves. Here are a few simple tricks to fix common household issues.
Removing Wood Scratches
It’s frustrating to find new scratches on your beloved wooden furniture, especially when they were a family heirloom or were very expensive to buy. But luckily there is a simple and quick hack to fix this.
Just get some regular walnuts from your local store and rub them directly over the scratch. Then gently rub the area with a finger, the warmth of your skin will help the wood absorb the oils from the walnut.
Filling Nail Holes with Crayon
Here’s a little trick for people who are renting and don’t want to lose their deposit. Once you remove all of your pictures and frames from the wall, what do you do with the screw holes?
Instead of going the extra mile of buying filler and paint, simply grab a crayon that is closest in color. Color in the hole, then rub it with your fingers until smooth. The wall will look good as new! 
Soda Tabs as Picture Hooks
Soda can tabs are one of those things that come in handy when you least expect it, so it’s always good to save a few in the kitchen drawer. For instance, you can fix an old picture frame with a screw and a can tab.
Simply drill the screw into the bottom half of the tab and use the top half of the tab to hang it from any hook or nail to the wall.
Stop Creaky Stairs
Creaky wooden stairs can be annoying. With the years and constant use, the wood of the stairs expands and contracts, slightly changing shape. It also gets cracked and scratched gathering dirt.
Take some regular talcum powder and sprinkle a generous layer of it on the wood. Then gently rub it in with your hand for a while and dust off the excess. It will pack up the creases and it won’t make creaky sounds anymore.
Cleaning Wooden Cutting Boards
It’s important to keep all kitchen tools clean since they handle the food we consume. Cutting boards are tricky to keep sanitized due to all the nooks and crannies they collect over time and the natural porosity of the wood.
There is a simple hack to clean them and get rid of stains and odors. Place coarse salt over the board and rub it with half a lemon. The combination acts as exfoliate and disinfectant.