For many people, there's only one thing stopping them from enjoying summer: oppressive heat. But, frankly, that's no reason to let ridiculously high temperatures keep you from enjoying everything that's wonderful about the summer.
Freeze Those Sheets
This one is going to sound odd but trust, it is amazing! Refrigerate or freeze your bedsheets! Once you try this trick, you’ll wonder why you haven’t thought of it before. Place your bedsheets in your fridge or freezer for a half an hour before you sleep, and you’ll never have trouble falling asleep because of the heat again. Also consider investing in soft gel packs that you can place underneath your sheets, or tucked between your legs (wrapped in a tea towel).
 Go swimming or Take a Cool Bath
There are plenty of rivers/lakes or even Rec. centers to venture out to. For example, local places would be Dexter/Lowell Lake, Fern Ridge Reservoir is a really big lake just a few miles west of Eugene with nice park areas on the shore and plenty of room for kayaking, boating and swimming.
If you don't have the time to get out to the rivers and lakes in the area, you can always take a cool bath which is not only cooling but relaxing.
Think Green!
House plants do a lot more than we actually think. The benefits of having houseplants are manifold. They can improve mood, purify air, and they can also make a room feel cooler. Plants release moisture into the air, which helps regulate the relative humidity of a room and can make it feel more comfortable than it otherwise would.
Make DIY Popsicle's
My personal favorite is taking Country time Pink Lemonade, popping it in the freezer. It tastes so good and you can make it as flavorful as you want. But there’s so many options like fruit pops and you can put whatever kind of fruits you want as well as juices. Coconut water is used for its cooling properties. In addition to that, it's also a great source of the electrolytes you lose through sweating, making it a relatively low-calorie, low-sugar substitute for sports drinks.
Water Sports are Your Friend!
You don't have to have a pool or body of water to involve water in your staying cool activities. Here are a few outdoor activities that can fill your summer afternoons with cool, fun memories.
1. Water Balloon Fight (fill with cold water)
2. Good old fashioned water fight. Fill up a large bucket in the center of the yard, giving everyone a small bucket and let the fun begin.
3. Slip-n-slid and running through the sprinkler are still very effective ways to not only stay cool, but create amazing memories.